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Westlaw Precision Australia with AI-Assisted Research Transform how you work with AI legal research tools built on trusted content.

Supercharge the way your team works

Conversational AI

Ask a specific question as if you’re talking to a colleague and get a synthesised summary grounded in Westlaw Precision Australia’s trusted content.

Authorised first

Content you can trust. Westlaw Precision Australia links directly to the court authorised versions of decisions, regarded as the most accurate rendition of case law.

So much simpler

Jumpstart your legal research. Westlaw finds the most relevant content to answer your question, so you spend less time sifting through long lists of results.

Accelerate initial research

Save time going through results. Validate AI-generated summaries with in-line links to original sources and be assured no crucial details are overlooked.

KeyCite Cited With

Uncover hidden connections. Quickly find connections between cases that would traditionally be difficult to uncover.

Outline Builder

All in one place. Create a customisable research outline by simply dragging and dropping selected text snippets and citations, without leaving the platform.

Westlaw Precision Australia

What do legal professionals think of AI-Assisted Research on Westlaw Precision Australia?

For months customers have been getting hands on with Westlaw Precision Australia in a series of events and workshops. Here’s what they’ve had to say.

I anticipate that Precision will save me 30% of the time I normally spend researching a case for advice or appearance in court.
Victor Kline
Barrister, Editor of the Federal Court Reports and the Federal Law Reports

I trust AI-Assisted Research because it is only drawing from the vast content available in Westlaw. The footnotes within the AI-Assisted Research also help me to trust the software, as I can click into each footnote and read the case or legislation in more depth.
Rhiannon Perrin
Research Consultant for MinterEllison

Research that took me 2-3 hours last week took 5 minutes.
Stephen Mitchell
Lawyer, Moores

Using AI for legal research

  • AI-Assisted Research is a new generative AI-powered search tool designed for lawyers and legal professionals. Built on Thomson Reuters’ trusted content, it searches Westlaw’s database that includes the Australian Authorised Law Reports and provides an overview with detailed insights and a list of original key cases, statutes, and regulations to help legal professionals kickstart their research, make well-informed decisions and complete the research process more efficiently.

  • Unlike traditional research methods that require converting your legal query into complex search strings, AI-Assisted Research lets you ask questions conversationally as if speaking with a colleague. It then searches, interprets, and synthesises statutes, cases, and regulations for you in minutes - saving hours on legal research that would take much longer to obtain if you were reading and analysing the cases individually.  

  • AI should be employed where it enhances firms’ efficiency and effectiveness in achieving positive client outcomes. AI-Assisted Research on Westlaw Precision Australia transforms legal research by speeding up searches and providing easily verifiable results from original sources. This efficiency lets you concentrate on complex tasks, deliver comprehensive legal advice faster, and provide superior client value.

  • Westlaw products employ a Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) approach, grounding the Large Language Model (LLM) in Thomson Reuters' content when generating a response. Responses include source citations, enhancing transparency and allowing users to easily verify the underlying language supporting the response. It is important that you still conduct additional verification and follow-up research as you would with a skilled trainee or paralegal assisting you today.

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