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Save time with the most up-to-date legislation, cases, commentary, books, forms, precedents, journals and law summaries all in one place.

Discover unparalleled speed and accuracy 

Rigorous editorial process

Rely on the most up-to-date and organized collections of caselaw, statutes, and regulations regularly vetted by a team of expert legal-editors. 

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Natural Legal Language Search

Increase your team’s efficiency and save up to 30 minutes per day by using Westlaw’s a Google-like plain natural language search. Simply type in keywords to see relevant cases, legislation, and commentary in one platform.

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Extensive Case Law collection classified by expert legal editors

Empower your legal team to become strategic advisors by confidently navigating Australian law. The KeyNumber System identifies point of law in cases and organises them by topic and key number so you can quickly find cases related to your particular issue.

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Integrated research and practical guidance

Set your team up for success with integrated access to over 10,000 checklists, tool-kits, precedents with drafting notes and more. Trust you have the most up-to-date resources with Practical Law's dedicated team of 650 lawyers worldwide spend 100% of their time ensuring resources is updated within 48 hours of any changes made.

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Save over 30min each day

With increasing pressure to do more with less, legal professionals need access to up-to-date case law, legislation, and case summaries so they have time to focus on what really matters.

Mitigate risk

As a legal professional, you don’t always need to be comfortable watching fires burn – back yourself with trusted, expertly curated research.

Ensure sustainable business growth

With 66% of CEOs saying that they don’t expect business growth this coming year, streamlining your legal matter research and increasing your response rates has never been more important. 

Try Westlaw. You’ll be in good company.

David Kim, Barrister, Owen Dixon Chambers

"Legal research is no longer a hinderance because Westlaw is intuitively responding to the way I think."

David Kim
Owen Dixon Chambers

"Clients don’t care about the data they just care about the answer. Westlaw helps my team distil huge volumes into the salient point in minutes."

Danny King
Owner and Director
Danny King Legal

"One of Westlaw’s great benefits for us is that it means that my lawyers are more confident that their research is comprehensive and up-to-date"

Michael Solari
Solari & Stock

"Having authorised content saves a lot of time. The head notes are handy, they signpost content clearly, you can see what something is about at a glance"

Alan Bradbury
Legal Director
Bradley Allen Love

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