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Instantly find relevant caselaw while analysing gaps in your arguments, effectively manage your organisation's resources, and discover expert insights — our solutions provide all this and more

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Revolutionise your legal work with enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) and gain a competitive advantage with data-driven insights. Save time and elevate your team's efficiency with tools that can improve workflows, add structure, and provide insights into your upcoming cases.

Find answers to complex legal issues and discover updated regulations in seconds with a quick search. Easy-to-read original content makes even the toughest matters digestible. Explore extensive primary and secondary sources to ensure you have all the right information.

Gain a competitive advantage by exploring our in-depth document analyses written by dedicated, full-time in-house legal experts. Our on-staff legal editors provide invaluable insights into previous cases, topics, and statutes that can’t be found anywhere else. Gain confidence in knowing your research is backed by experts in the field who keep information updated in real time across the globe.

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Give your legal team a competitive edge with best-in-class legal products.


The standard for legal research in Australia

Join 1,000's of lawyers saving 30min per day with Westlaw. Gain deeper insights with the most comprehensive collection of primary and secondary research.


Individually brilliant, powerful together. All-in-one legal solution

Lead with actionable insights with HIghQ's secure, cloud-based ecosystem integrating industry leading AI technology across contracts, matters and spend.

Practical Law

Industry leading practical research to empower your legal experts

Deliver your best work faster with Australia's expert how-to-guidance, clear explanations of current law and time-saving tools and templates that give you a better starting point.

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HighQ & Legal Tracker

Investment in legal technology has proven return on investment

“Having HighQ has enabled the legal team to really offer creative solutions to other parts of the business, beyond just being lawyers."

"Legal Tracker has transformed (our) global management of external legal spend and delivered 100% return on investment.”

Tim Hewitt, Association General Counsel | Marelli 

Discover how HighQ & Legal Tracker has been empowered Marelli to transform their business.

Explore HighQ & Legal Tracker

Practical Law

Transforming knowledge strategy with current and trusted content 

“What was great about Practical Law is that it gives that context around a particular area of law ... they can go in, read the resources, and find everything they need in one spot.”

“Practical Law...was one of the easiest products I've rolled out within the firm”.

Sarah Jacobson, Director of Knowledge Management, Minter Ellison

Learn how Minter Ellison measures the return on investment of Practical Law at their firm.

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