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Thomson reuters TechFuture

TechFuture: Transformation from Tomorrow’s Innovators 

Insight on the technological advancements that can transform your business.

TechFuture is designed to connect senior executives and thought leaders across sectors, to discuss the ever-evolving landscape of technology and how it is being leveraged to drive innovation, while improving internal operations and customer experience.

Our curated panel are senior leaders and influencers in their fields, and our TechFuture moderator skillfully guides the conversation to reveal thought-provoking insights and practical first-hand experiences in technological transformation.

on-demand webinar

Charting the Path of AI Governance

Forging a robust AI governance and ethics framework anchored on continuous risk management and human oversight is key to a secure transformative future. Hear us for: TechFuture: Charting the Path of AI Governance, a webinar designed for business leaders at the helm of organisational strategy such as General Counsels, CTOs, CCOs and Company Secretaries.

On-demand webinar

Unleashing the Power of AI and Data in Financial Services

The financial services landscape continues to undergo rapid metamorphosis, fuelled by evolving generative AI and large language model (LLM) technologies, unleashing a wave of transformation not seen in decades. Fintechs continue to disrupt the traditional value chains, while customers expect greater innovation and speed, amplifying the pressure for organisations to redefine their tech stacks by synthesising new and existing technologies.

On-demand webinar

Innovators Reshaping Financial Services

Radical advancements in technology are spearheading business transformation across the globe. Tech companies continue to infiltrate the financial services landscape, merging traditional banking models into an ecosystem of evolving technologies. If you are a technology leader or executive in the financial services sector, this is an event you don’t want to miss.

About the TechFuture event

Technology’s capacity to vastly improve the way we go about our lives, as individuals and a collective, cannot be understated. Over time, tech has become ubiquitous in modern living. At home and at work, we get more out of technology than what we put into it. From enhanced connectivity to workplace collaboration, tech is the driving force of our future. 

Across professions and sectors, digitalisation has become a fundamental asset fueling growth in community and business development. Thomson Reuters is pleased to present the TechFuture program. Bringing together diverse perspectives across legal, tax and corporate sectors, TechFuture gives rise to the innovations of tomorrow.