XYZ Model Financial Accounts

The industry standard for financial reporting in Australia

XYZ Model Financial Accounts provides step-by-step guidance and detailed disclosure checklists for the preparation, review and presentation of financial reports for reporting & non-reporting entities.

Take the guesswork out of generating compliant financial reports

XYZ Generator Plus: Automate compliance work

Ensure your financial reports comply with AASB Standards and ASIC requirements. Simply choose the relevant template, upload your trial balance, allocate the data to the appropriate accounts, and it will automatically flow through to the relevant worksheets to produce financial statements and supporting notes.

Designed specifically for non-reporting entities

Ensure non-reporting entities that produce special purpose financial statements comply with Act and Regulation requirements using interpretive commentary and disclosure checklists for the applicable mandatory Australian Accounting Standards. Includes model special purpose financial statements for self-managed superannuation funds, sole proprietorships, partnerships, trusts and more.

Need General Purpose Financial Reporting?

Designed specifically for reporting entities in the for-profit and not-for-profit private sectors and entities that produce general purpose financial statements to comply with Act and Regulation requirements. Includes model general purpose financial statements for listed and unlisted public companies, managed investment schemes, trusts and small and large proprietary companies.

Require a lower level of disclosure?

The AASB reduced disclosure requirements (RDR) regime became applicable to Tier 2 entities from 1 July 2013 but is now replaced by the simplified disclosures (SD) regime. This volume is designed for non-publicly accountable reporting entities that are able to prepare financial statements that contain a lower level of disclosure.

Why choose XYZ Model Financial Accounts?

XYZ Model Financial Accounts is the gold standard for financial reporting

Available in print or online within Checkpoint, XYZ Model Financial Accounts provides templates, interpretive commentary and guidance, updated annually to include all legislative and accounting pronouncements for the relevant reporting period. Choose an XYZ package that suits your practice needs – from individual titles to the full suite and XYZ Generator.

How else can XYZ Model Financial Accounts help you?

Reduce risk of non-compliance 

Provides current step-by-step guidance to prepare compliant financial statements that meet complex financial reporting regulation, authored by Grant Thornton.

Save time

Increase efficiency and accuracy with easy-to-use disclosure checklists, up-to-date model financial statements and the tools to conveniently categorised by different entity types.

Stay up to date 

As major new Accounting Standards will come into play, in one place, get the important changes to financial reporting requirements over the last 12 months for reporting and non-reporting entities.