Risk, fraud, and investigations solutions

Mitigate risk, detect fraudulent activity, and streamline investigations 

In today’s digital world, risk and fraud detection is even more important than ever before

Risk, fraud, and investigations solutions built for preventing, detecting, and investigating

Leverage the power of comprehensive data to uncover insights that can help you decide with whom to do business, detect areas of high risk, and quickly locate subjects and assets. Integrate risk-scoring models and behaviour-based analytics directly into your workflow. 

Access the most up-to-date public records on your subjects with premium people and business information from the three largest credit bureaus. Quickly search multiple databases to locate property records; professional licenses; criminal and court records.

Protect your stakeholders and clients with insights from best-in-class subject-matter experts. Over 1,700 law enforcement agencies and 1,300 financial institutions rely on our content to help guide them in risk, fraud, and investigations services. 

Take a look at a few of our risk, fraud, and investigations products

We take fraud prevention, risk detection, and investigations seriously. Explore how our products can assist your organisation.

Regulatory Intelligence

Reduce risk to your organisation, let our intelligence work for you

Regulatory Intelligence helps BFSI professionals gather, monitor, and analyse regulatory data and track developments in a rapidly changing environment.

Risk, Fraud and Compliance

Let us solve your complex issues that no other company can​​

Unique access to proprietary technologies and data from Intelligence, Data Science and Financial Crime experts help us provide actionable intelligence for the complex risk, fraud and compliance questions of today.

Hosted Rulebook Solution

Your market rules and regulations made accessible and transparent.

A Hosted Rulebook Solution is your gateway to share and communicate your rules and regulations to your audience in a transparent, up-to-date and structured manner.

Take a look at what other risk professionals are saying

Hosted Rulebook

The Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) needed a solution to manage their rule making process. 

"One of the main benefits is that the application is well supported by Thomson Reuters, making it a very ‘hands off’ platform for our internal IT team."

Lawrence Paramasivam, Director, Strategy, Policy and Risk | DFSA

Discover how DFSA needed Hosted Rulebook to manage their rule making process.

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