Gen AI for Legal Research

Westlaw Precision Australia

The most advanced legal research platform in Australia will combine gen AI with trusted content curated by experts. Enquire now to learn about the new standard in legal research.   

How is Westlaw Precision Australia different?

Ask conversational legal research questions and expect smart answers. 

Intuitively search Australia’s most comprehensive legal database, including Authorised Law Reports, with a high degree of accuracy.

Experience one connected ecosystem across legal software

Connect with other leading AI solutions like CoCounsel, Practical Law and Microsoft 365 CoPilot.

Uncover connected cases

Identify frequently cited cases relevant to your research, even if each case doesn't directly cite the other with KeyCite "Cited With" new functionality. 

Quickly create research outlines and export to Word

Drag and drop text snippets and citations directly into a customisable outline within the platform. Add notes to capture your thoughts as you research, saving valuable time. This integrated approach lets you find related materials based on your outline, ensuring comprehensive research.  

Join the AI revolution

More time to make a difference

Reinvest the time spent on admin in what matters most to you. Most lawyers don’t get into law because they love fact checking. 

Give better advice

Find less obvious cases and make connections you may otherwise have missed. Use your time and energy applying higher level reasoning and experienced judgement, not drudgery.

Rely on the answer

Westlaw Precision Australia focuses on content  verified by a team of Australian experts. Sources are proven and visible for deep-dive insight.

What do lawyers think? 

We previewed Westlaw Precision Australia at our Synergy 2024 event.
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