Risk, Fraud & Compliance

Let us solve your complex issues and deliver answers that no other company can

We design the solution you need using the best of Thomson Reuters capabilities

Reduce risk to your organisation through enhanced due diligence reporting

Simple solutions to complex problems

In an interconnect world, companies have complex needs that cannot be fulfilled by any point solution. With access to proprietary technologies that draw actionable intelligence from data sets as well as Intelligence, Data Science teams and Financial Crime experts - we provide clarity.

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Unique capabilities, expert insights

Using innovative methodologies, advanced data analytics techniques, and applied technology, our experts and systems can quickly analyse vast collections of data to reveal threats, uncover fraud, detect risk, and protect people and assets.​

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Personlised services

We provide a flexible service designed to fit all of your data and security requirements. Choose the model that best fits your need:

  • Analysis toolkit
  • Data as a service
  • Fully deployed

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The value of Risk, Fraud and Compliance

Recognise risk

Internal risk is often not recognised or understood, exposing the organisation to the threat of failure. This is understandable, but it exposes organisations to unnecessary vulnerability.

Managing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) compliance

Over the past few years, public sentiment has kept ESG in the headlines. Reputational risk has been an issue for some time, but the threat of fines and censure represents heightened risk.

Managing Commercial Relationships

Increasing regulatory pressure has made detailed & accurate due diligence reporting a critical requirement. Compliance departments need transparency and application of their due diligence reporting.

We work with you to define, ideate and implement the solution you need.

Analysis toolkit

Our unique data and technology is hosted at TRSS and can be accessed by our experts on your behalf.

Data as a service

You'll receive dedicated or shared data, technology, and access through feeds or API.

Fully deployed

Data and technology can also be hosted client side with expert teams available as needed.