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Migration Act Annotated

For the first time in Australia, annotations to one of the most heavily litigated pieces of legislation in Australia – the Migration Act.

Migration Act Annotated will assist those applying for visas, those with applications in the Migration Review Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal and those involved in migration litigation generally.

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Update your Corporations, Competition and Consumer Law resources with the new 2015 Law Annuals. Why not try these new titles on Thomson Reuters ProView with our range of eBooks and eBook+Book bundles, to access content in court, in your office, in meetings and on-the-go. Order your Law Annuals today.

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The National eConveyancing system is on its way, offering practitioners the opportunity to transfer and settle property online, with no bank cheques and no physical attendance at settlement. Law firms and conveyancers who adopt this new system will enjoy great time and cost efficiencies.
Discover tools and solutions to help you embrace the eConveyancing system now and stay ahead of your competition.

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Thomson Reuters ProView™ - eBooks & Bundles

Thomson Reuters ProView™ is your professional grade eReader app, available for iPads, browsers and Android.
eBooks give you access to legal and tax information wherever and whenever you need it. eSubs eliminate the inconvenience and cost of filing, and the heavy load of carrying looseleaf binders. Your services are all in one place, with your annotations ready for use. If you like a copy of a book as well – consider our Book & eBook options for best value

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Conveyancing Manual NSW provides practitioners with comprehensive step-by-step guidance for conducting conveyancing transactions of all types and levels in New South Wales.

The manual is undergoing a major reissue throughout the beginning of 2015 to ensure practitioners are confident and at ease in the new conveyancing environment.

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Author Profile: Greg Hosking

Greg has diverse experience in the legal profession. Prior to joining the Bench, Greg was a solicitor and then a barrister. In 1991 he became a Crown Prosecutor and between 1996–1999 he was Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions for NSW. He is also co-author of Thomson Reuters' Criminal Law NSW.