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Practice Area: Evidence Law

Browse our updated evidence law collection today and stay up to date with new titles such as the much anticipated Uniform Evidence Law, 11th Edition by Stephen Odgers SC.

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Thomson Reuters ProView™ is your professional grade eReader app, available for iPads, browsers and Android.
eBooks give you access to legal and tax information wherever and whenever you need it. eSubs eliminate the inconvenience and cost of filing, and the heavy load of carrying looseleaf binders. Your services are all in one place, with your annotations ready for use. If you like a copy of a book as well – consider our Book & eBook options for best value

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Custom Publishing

Is your ideal teaching tool a mixture of different materials combined into one original publication? If yes, it may be time to think about a custom book. Choose content from any Thomson Reuters publication plus, add your own notes and summaries into the mix, giving you greater control over how you teach your course.

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Stay ahead of the crowd and keep an eye on the best practice and trends for Legal, Tax and Accounting Professionals. Discover Thomson Reuters Insight today and access interesting discussions as well as useful resources such as whitepapers, articles blog posts and more.

Prescribe a Thomson Reuters text

Prescribe a Thomson Reuters text

You’ll gain access to our online databases and news services alerting you to changes in your subject area, keeping your course material current. You also have supplementary teaching materials provided to you for selected texts. The online databases available to you are:

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