CoCounsel Core

The most robust set of generative AI legal skills on the market

What if you had a generative AI legal assistant that is task-orientated, generates high quality results, prioritses security, and is accessible anywhere?

A true game-changer for legal professionals

Lean on AI for complex document review

AI technology incorporates expert logic and precision to read, comprehend, and analyse documents to ensure that nothing is overlooked, driving efficiency and accuracy.

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Summarise vast quantities of research in minutes

Condense critical information from detailed contracts, complex agreements, and lengthy judicial opinions – allowing you to focus on decision making.

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Ensure compliance on every contract

Detect clauses that are non-compliant with your set policies and flag them for review. It also recommends language changes to minimise risk. Our system turns compliance into a streamlined process, transforming complex contracts into risk-free documents.

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Accelerate the work you do every day

Your new AI Legal Assistant

CoCounsel Core leverages industry-leading generative AI innovation to offer a task-orientated set of AI skills based on legal workflows.

This robust AI toolkit accelerates and increases the quality of a broad range of legal tasks with the reliability and security critical for legal matters.