Streamline end-to-end tax workflow

Control your tax and filing process with document, data and task management tools.

What can ONESOURCE WorkFlow do for you?

Safeguard your data

Built-in security and automatic back-up capabilities safeguard processes, lodgements and signoffs with audit trails and strict permission controls.  Our granular approach to security lets you decide the appropriate level of access for each staff member and gives you the option to lock down confidential documents.

Gain efficiency, deliver more

Efficiency can be enhanced through the use of task allocations, which enable easy identification of bottlenecks or inefficiencies in current processes. This approach allows for streamlined management of compliance lodgements, task processing, document management, and data consolidation, all from one convenient location.

Increase control, deliver transparent

Get access to drawers, workflow, and documents that will be defined and configured during your implementation. With automated reporting, get insight into process milestones and track global deadlines whilst keeping reporting up-to-date in real-time. 

Task management

Prioritise tasks and monitor tax related tasks, track tax due-dates, and complete tax-related projects accurately and efficiently.

Business entity management

Manage corporate data including owners, contacts, geographic locations, tax ID numbers and more.

Statutory content

Track multiyear compliance and tax deadlines, payments extensions, tax return & business filings in one central place.

Robust security

Safeguard against corrupted or lost tax data with customisable permissions and automatic backups.

Unprecedented control

Set levels of access for each staff member and lock down confidential files. Plus, track staff activity with a full audit trail.

Document Management

Electronically store, archive, and secure documents in one central place.

The value of ONESOURCE WorkFlow Manager

"With ONESOURCE WorkFlow Manager, our process is truly efficient. With the time saved, I’m looking forward to spending more time on tax strategy and analysis that will benefit American Renal as a whole"

Dave Boutin, Director of Tax, American Renal