Stay ahead of evolving tax regulations with ONESOURCE BEPS Action Manager

Achieve effective tax transparency and compliance in a post-BEPS era through standardised and streamlined country-by-country reporting and risk assessments, using a comprehensive solution.

What can ONESOURCE BEPS Action Manager do for you?

Predict, analyse, and manage tax risk

Protect your organisational reputation by proactively managing CbC risk using powerful built-in analytics (including the OECD’s 19 Tax Risk indicators) to visualise and address your company’s weak spots before your CbC report is made public. 

Stay ahead and achieve maximum efficiency

Track due dates for CbC reports and notifications as well as your Transfer Pricing Master File and Local Files.

Navigate the challenges of an evolving tax landscape

Prepare your ultimate parent CbC filing in your home country, support secondary filings of your CbC in countries where the tax authority does not have Competent Authority Agreements (CAAs) for sharing, and ready your public Country-by-Country report (CbCR) for inclusion in your ESG reports to meet public CbC reporting obligations wherever you do business. 

The value of ONESOURCE BEPS Action Manager

See how it works

Watch the video and learn how you can take control of your OECD reporting requirements for Base Erosion Profit Shifting - including Local File and Country by Country reporting, Developed to provide unparalleled value across three areas in response to the OECD's BEPS framework.

"For companies with multiple ERP systems, it will take gross amounts of time to understand the resources and man hours necessary for compliance. A software solution with the functionality of BEPS Action Manager is crucial for achieving an accurate outcome."

Mark Moon, Senior Tax Accountant, Franklin Electric

Take control of your OECD reporting requirements with our intelligent software

Analytics with a global view 

Inbuilt reporting and analytics allowing you to create various versions of your CbC report to compare data year over year or between different data sources.

Navigate evolving regulations 

Get up-to-date and customised global BEPS research: local legislative rules, timings and CbC, Master File and Local File data requirements.

Simple, automated preparation 

Simplify the reporting burden, producing CbC reports in country specific formats all the way to electronic submission.

Risk Management

Manage your tax data and get insights to predict risk areas, support value creation, and validate CbC, Master File, and Local file reporting.

Advanced Technology

Leading web-based platform that enables stronger collaboration across departments and geographies.

Tax Transparency   

Ensure global consistency and transparency of data. Automatically allocate tax structures and jurisdictional rules while maintaining quality control for precise CbC reporting. .