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Practical legal resources  

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Over 10,000 practical resources

Streamline your workflow with resources covering core practice areas in depth. With a database of content based on your feedback and emerging areas of law and practice you can be sure you have everything you need in one place.

Save time with Practice Notes

Quickly understand current law and practice with straightforward how-to guides and clear explanations of current law and practice, ranging from high-level overviews to detailed analysis for specialists.

Standard documents and clauses 

Eliminate the need to start from scratch with annotated templates containing embedded drafting notes, negotiating guides, opposing positions and clause-by-clause guidance.

Checklists and flowcharts

Mitigate risk and ensure you have everything covered with these quick reference reminders of the law, as it applies in practice.

Legal updates 

Keep up with changes in the law and regulations in your practice area with legal updates.


Optimise your work with a collection of how-to guides, document templates, checklists, and legal updates — all in one place.

Current awareness emails

Stay informed on changes to legislation, common law, regulations and market practice with regular current awareness emails sent straight to your inbox from Practical Law's team of legal experts.

Presentation materials

Exceed expectations with a pre-built, off-the-shelf collection of presentation materials. Great for internal training or presenting topics of interest to your clients or business partners.

Expand your legal resources and enhance your work

Efficiency tools

Gain insights in minutes with tools that enable you to easily search, compare, draft, and analyse your legal matter.

Knowledge Maps

Broaden your research to find additional relevant resources with a visual map of related topics to consider.

Automated documents  

Quickly draft custom agreements and contracts using guided questionnaires powered by Contract Express. Then create a unique document you can edit and download in Word.

Multi-jurisdictional Q&A guides

Save hours on research when comparing law across multiple jurisdictions with simple Q&A guides written by international and local experts

Integration with Westlaw or HighQ

Avoid wasting time referencing multiple platforms to find up-to-date case law. With the  Westlaw integration, you can find relevant practical know-how and legal research all in one search. Search your Practical Law documents in HighQ.

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