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Staying compliant by filing statutory financial statements is a growing challenge. For every entity, local statutory financial statements must be submitted in the local language and must meet the local reporting requirements as well as filing deadlines.


ONESOURCE® Statutory Reporting (OSR)
Brings standardisation, accuracy, and efficiency to your reporting obligations. Ensure all your disclosures are compliant and bring better collaboration and consistency across your whole statutory reporting preparation and review process.



What our clients say about ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting

One of the big selling points with ONESOURCE Statutory Reporting is the ability to make a change within templates and push that change down towards entities in one go. That was one of the drivers for us looking to move to ONESOURCE
Financial Systems Manager

There were no real other players in the market who were offering that coverage across different countries.
Statutory Financial Systems Manager

Last year, we had a 100% compliance rate in EMEA, whereas when we first brought in the tool, it was a 95% rate.
Global Statutory Reporting Manager
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