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Bluebeam Gains Efficiencies by Automating Sales Tax in the Cloud With ONESOURCE

Learn how growing software company Bluebeam transformed their transaction tax activities in NetSuite with Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE™ Determination.


Bluebeam, a software company focused on developing collaboration and workflow efficiency solutions for design and construction professionals, was growing rapidly and needed a reliable solution for keeping up-to-date with ever-changing sales tax laws and an increasing number of orders. With NetSuite as their ERP provider, the Bluebeam tax team made the decision to implement ONESOURCE Determination for NetSuite to manage and automate their transaction tax activities.

We wanted a reliable, accurate tax solution that was flexible enough to grow with our company and would give us confidence that our tax activities were accurate.


Customize reports and create returns for easy filing and audit defense

ERP software

Handle the entire sales tax lifecycle 



Understanding the challenges

As a rapidly growing software company with a small back-office tax team, Bluebeam was new to tracking sales tax and needed help determining nexus. Because the company sells to all 50 states, staying up-to-date on tax rates and rules was a challenge, to say the least. With limited resources, they lacked the time needed to keep track of sales tax and file manually.

The Bluebeam team came to the decision that they needed a transaction tax solution that would eliminate their manual processes, automatically keep up-to-date with constantly evolving tax rates and could scale as the company grew. With NetSuite as their ERP platform, it was also critical that the technology they chose integrated seamlessly with minimum disruption to their existing workflows.


After researching several transaction tax solutions and evaluating their functionality, the Bluebeam tax team decided on ONESOURCE Determination for NetSuite because of its ability to meet their current needs, grow with them into the future and integrate with their NetSuite ERP platform. As a scalable solution, ONESOURCE Determination was exactly what Bluebeam needed to better manage their tax requirements and gain a complete view of their sales tax liability from a single, unified system.

When it comes to the sale of software, every single state charges a slightly different rate based on product classification. And software isn’t always taxable, so it gives us peace of mind that ONESOURCE is automatically tracking and applying evolving rates and rules so our customers are being charged correctly.

The decision to choose ONESOURCE also had to do with the commitment they saw from the Thomson Reuters team early on. With an aggressive eight-week timeline for implementation, Bluebeam needed assurance that the Thomson Reuters team would handle their implementation and ensure they were set up for success on time. By working together closely, the Bluebeam and ONESOURCE teams successfully met their goal, even moving their go-live date up by several days.

The ONESOURCE team worked tirelessly to achieve our aggressive timeline. The commitment was there from the very beginning. Their responsiveness exceeded our expectations.

Achieving results

Through the patented ONESOURCE tax determination engine, the sales and buying transaction data that Bluebeam enters into NetSuite is processed to instantly calculate precise taxability, validate the customer address and apply the final tax decision back to the transaction in NetSuite. This enabled Bluebeam to gain control over their back-office processes, while boosting their productivity.

With robust reporting capabilities built right in, Bluebeam can also utilize ONESOURCE to customize reports and create returns for easy filing and audit defense.

Because the ONESOURCE solution integrated seamlessly with Bluebeam’s existing workflows, the learning curve was minimal and the adoption process was smooth. The end result was an extended functionality of their ERP software to handle the entire sales tax lifecycle — from tax calculation to signature-ready returns — with little disruption to their existing workflows. 

The Bluebeam team says they would definitely recommend ONESOURCE to other companies who are looking to automate sales tax management.

ONESOURCE has made managing the entire sales tax process seamless and streamlined. From an operational standpoint, it’s great.

About Bluebeam

Bluebeam launched in 2002. Today, over 1 million people throughout the world use Revu, Bluebeam’s industry-leading markup and collaboration solution that connects all projects and teams, setting the standard for design and construction professionals. In the U.S., Bluebeam is a critical partner for the majority of top AEC firms with a rapidly expanding global presence that includes an office in Sweden and customers in 130 countries.