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Client collaboration

Law firms face increasing pressure to differentiate themselves and provide high-quality services to their clients. Leveraging solutions to provide unique, customisable experiences that streamline collaboration and communication will help firms retain and attract new clients.

Deliver state-of-the-art client experiences

As a law firm, you know that offering superior legal services to your clients is paramount, and in today's world, it doesn’t stop there. Clients are also demanding transparency and collaboration when it comes to their legal matters.

By giving clients 24/7 access to legal information and materials specifically tailored to their matters, communication between lawyers and clients becomes faster and easier. Client collaboration solutions from Thomson Reuters provide firms with secure, customisable portals that promote efficiency, transparency, and consistency when working and communicating with clients on legal services. 

With Thomson Reuters solutions, law firms can improve their lawyer-client relationships to retain and attract new clients.

Amplify client collaboration

Thomson Reuters client collaboration solutions help law firms deliver an ideal client experience.

Improve the client experience

Editing, tracking, and discussing documents can be time consuming and prone to mistakes. In addition, slow response times lead to client dissatisfaction and delays.

Firms can deliver an ideal client experience and streamline collaboration and communication with a client collaboration solution.

Increase efficiency

The process of intaking new legal service requests, collating tracking, and analysing data can be time consuming and prone to error.

Firms can increase efficiency and allocate more time to higher-value jobs with a client collaboration solution.

Differentiate your firm

In a competitive market, firms must deliver a superior client experience and maintain complete transparency in status, billing, and financials.

Firms can retain and attract new clients by providing unique products, services, and tools with a client collaboration solution.

Streamline collaboration and communication with your clients

Law firms can provide a superior client experience with collaboration capabilities from Thomson Reuters.

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