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Make your data even more secure, valuable, and meaningful with the AI Hub on HighQ

AI engines provide valuable data insights, however, many firms find they need more than one AI engine to accomplish their goals. Each AI engine operates independently and captures the resulting data within its own system, limiting its usefulness. With the AI Hub, you can free the knowledge gained from your AI engines and make it more powerful by bringing it all together in Thomson Reuters HighQ.

The AI Hub integrates with leading AI providers to offer a single, easy-to-use interface that automates and simplifies processes such as due diligence, contract reviews and management, large property deals, and legal project management.

It provides the ability to organize and group agreements, easily build contract management databases, and measure deviations against specific contract templates. Enabling you to create and manage large contract volumes along with their contractual risk.

Document Intelligence for M&A Due Diligence

Here’s how it works:

  1. HighQ syncs via the AI Hub with your third-party AI engine, sending out documents for analysis 
  2. Your AI engine of choice examines the document, extracting the desired data 
  3. The resulting data is then pulled back into the AI Hub 
  4. Now, using HighQ iSheets and automation, you can quickly create data visualisations, workflows, risk evaluations, and more

Unlock efficiency and insight with the HighQ AI Hub

Make the most of your AI investment
Leverage the capabilities of multiple AI engines and make them even more powerful within HighQ, preventing data from being trapped in isolated AI platforms.

Increase efficiency
Seamlessly integrate your AI engines into processes, workflows, and solutions within HighQ so users don’t have to be experts in multiple complex systems.

Combine and visualise insights from all of your AI platforms
Centralize all of the information surrounding a matter and surface new insights using data from your AI Hub paired with the dynamic visualisations in HighQ.

The native AI engine on HighQ

Use the built-in AI capabilities to save time, gain insight, and evaluate your next steps. The AI engine on HighQ analyzes documents securely stored in the platform and extracts key data by determining document classification, language, currency, governing law, and more.

As more specialty AI engines emerge to solve problems in the legal industry, leaders will begin leveraging a combination of solutions for the best results. The HighQ AI Hub is uniquely positioned to maximize your investment and keep you ahead of the competition.

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