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Next Gen Legal Leaders’ Summit Unlock your leadership potential.

Are you ready to redefine your legal career and step into the spotlight as a leader in the industry? We are bringing together the brightest minds and emerging talents in the legal field for an unforgettable event packed with insights, networking, and actionable strategies.

About the Summit

In the evolving landscape of remote work, succession planning, and career progression have become more challenging. As water cooler conversations and accidental learnings take a back seat, how can you ensure your professional skills stay razor-sharp?

Enter Thomson Reuters' Inaugural Next Gen Legal Leaders' Summit – designed to bridge the gap on incidental learnings and equip you with the skills needed to become the best legal leader you can be. So, when the time comes, you'll be confident to take the next leap—whether it's stepping into the shoes of your predecessors, advancing to the bar, or even starting your own firm; we've got you covered.

The Summit aims to:

  • Bridge the knowledge gap left behind with absence of water cooler conversations in the remote working world. 
  • Enhance essential skills in business acumen, leadership, client management and other on the job skills that might not be taught in university or in remote settings. 
  • Support the advancement of the next generation of legal leaders. 
  • Provide networking and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and Inspire legal professionals and provide them with the confidence to navigate their careers whether it be traditional or alternative pathways
  • Provide a forum for our emerging legal leaders to voice their views on professional standards, wellbeing, and modern ways of working.
  • Inspire legal professionals and provide them with the confidence to navigate their careers whether it be traditional or alternative pathways.

Date & Location

18 June – Sydney CBD
Hyatt Regency Sydney,
Wharf Rooms


[ Early bird ] $299.00*
[ Full Price ] $359.00
[ Student ] $149.00*

6 CPD points

*Hurry! Take advantage of our special early bird offer, available until 15 May. Secure your spot now and save! Please note that student tickets are only available to valid student card holders.

Attending as a group? Email us at eventsanz@thomsonreuters.com to enquire about group pricing.

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What you’ll learn by attending:  

  1. Master legal business
    Learn how to navigate the intricacies of legal finance, budgeting, and billing models to propel your practice forward. Discover innovative strategies for growth and profitability that will set you apart as a leader in your field.
  2. Boost your confidence and leadership skills
    Cultivate resilience, emotional intelligence, and self-assurance to overcome challenges and seize opportunities with confidence. We will discuss the latest leadership dilemmas associated with the shift to AI, and strategies for managing a modern and diverse workforce.
  3. Refine your strategic skills
    Learn how to optimize your processes, deliver exceptional client service, and stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly evolving legal landscape. Explore innovative approaches to problem-solving and decision-making that will position you as a strategic leader in your organization.
  4. Forge a better future for the legal profession
    Unpack the structural and systemic barriers that hinder the industry and share insights into how leaders are embracing new processes, technologies, and leadership strategies to redesign the industry to meet the needs of the diverse workforce while and minimizing burn out.
  5. Build your career by design
    Discover how you can forge a sustainable long-term career as you gain insights into the non-linear career pathways, and out of the box opportunities that are being embraced by your peers. Learn how they have shaped their career to meet the needs of their values and lifestyles and how they have ultimately found success.

Who should attend?

This event is designed for legal professionals who are looking to elevate their professional skills, fortify their career pathways, and achieve their personal best. With highly practical and easy to digest content, this summit is suitable legal beagles of all stripes - from recent graduates to mid-career professionals and emerging leaders. 

Why attend?

By attending this Summit, you will:

Acquire practical skills and strategies from industry leaders to enhance your legal expertise and business acumen.

Refine your personal brand, leadership style, communication skills

Engage in thought-provoking discussions about the future of law and gain fresh perspectives on where the industry is headed.


Clarissa Rayward
Director, Accredited Family Law Specialist and Mediator, Brisbane Family Law Centre and Happy Lawyer Happy Life


Marija Dukadinovska
Career Coach for Lawyers and Senior Associate, Legalite


Prof. Michael Legg
Director, Centre for the Future of the Legal Profession UNSW Law & Justice

Sapphire Parsons
Senior Associate, Macpherson Kelley

Mollie Tregillis
Legal Industry Advisor


Elisabeth Flett
General Counsel and Company Secretary, Cancer Council NSW 


Vicki McNamara
Senior Research Associate, Centre for the Future of the Legal Profession UNSW Law & Justice


Kim Payne
Empowerment Coach


Peter Connor
Founder and CEO, AlternativelyLegal


Annabel Biscotto
Immediate Past President, Australian Law Students’ Association


James d'Apice
Principal Lawyer, Gravamen


Stella Rieusset
Senior Manager
Legal Operations Advisory
Herbert Smith Freehills

Jane Maconachie
Thomson Reuters


Tyrilly Csillag
Director Legal Transformation
Thomson Reuters 


Rachael Lane 
Thomson Reuters


Stephanie Abbott
Director – Knowledge, Learning & Research (Global)
Herbert Smith Freehills

Darshana Parekh
Senior Legal Counsel & Inclusion Consultant
Canon Oceania


Michelle Boundy
She Inspires Me


Event agenda

8:30AM - 9:00AM

Registration open - tea and coffee on arrival

9:00AM - 9:05AM

MC Welcome


 Jane Maconachie, Thomson Reuters

9:05AM - 9:35AM



Keynote: When courage makes partner


The demand for courageous leadership has never been greater in today's rapidly evolving legal landscape. Join us as we delve into the power of courage and how it's the secret sauce in shaping your career and life.


Imagine what's possible if courage took centre stage—not just in one moment but in your everyday choices. Where your best foot was always forward, expanding your comfort zone was second nature, and your desires drove your professional journey.

This session is about how embracing courage can elevate your thinking, enrich your perspective, and propel you forward personally and professionally.


Key takeaways:

- Understand how courage is the root of change.

- Practical ways to tap into courage every day.

- Navigate how to harness fear as a partner for good.

- Discover the power of taking one courageous step.

- Ensure your life story inspires yourself and others.


Perfect for: Ambitious professionals eager to play a bigger game, seize new opportunities, and make a lasting impact in their careers and beyond.


Join us for an empowering journey towards courageous leadership and discover the extraordinary possibilities that await.


Kim Payne Kim Payne, Empowerment Coach

9:35AM - 10:20AM



Rapid Workshop: Designing a thriving legal career


In today’s dynamic legal landscape, intentionally designing your legal career is more important than ever. Join us for an interactive workshop where you’ll learn to create your own roadmap for a thriving career. Discover tools to amplify your unique skills, cultivate a leadership mindset and emerge as a trailblazer in the legal marketplace.


Workshop style session that will support the lawyers in the room to:

- Get crystal clear on what you want your legal career to look like (taking a holistic outside the box approach)

- Create your own blueprint for success

- Amplify your unique skills to make you a standout in your field

- Develop the mindset required to design you unique legal career

- Identify mentors to support you to design your career


Marija Dukadinovska Marija Dukadinovska, Career Coach for Lawyers and Senior Associate, Legalite

10:20AM - 10:50AM



Panel: Navigating career pathways in law: beyond the conventional


Broaden your horizons as we showcase the wealth of career paths available in and outside the traditional legal sector.

In this session you will hear from those who have pinpointed their purpose, diversified their approach, and used their legal expertise as a springboard to a variety of fulfilling roles. From high achievers in standard legal positions to pioneers of innovative career choices, our speakers will share how they've navigated their journeys to success.


During the panel, speakers will shed light on :

- How you can master negotiations based on your unique value

- trategies for career advancement, including the when and why of job transitions.

- How to maximize your impact, whether by driving change within your organization or by founding your own legal-centric endeavors.


This session is a must-attend for legal professionals seeking to explore new career opportunities and learn how to leverage their skills for professional growth and personal satisfaction.


James d'Apice James d'Apice, Principal Lawyer, Gravamen

  Rachael Lane, BA/LLB, Thomson Reuters


Tyrilly Csillag, Director Legal Transformation, Thomson Reuters


Stella Rieusset, Senior Manager, Legal Operations Advisory, Herbert Smith Freehills

10:50AM - 11:20AM

Morning Tea

11:20AM - 12:05PM



Rapid Workshop: The business of law


In this session, you will hear from multi-award winning lawyer, Sapphire Parsons as she delves into the multifaceted world of legal business.


This workshop is tailored for up-and-coming legal professionals who aspire to not only excel in their practice but also to master the art of leading a successful legal enterprise.


In this session, you will gain insights in to:

- The business of law – what you're not taught in law school, and why mavericks succeed.

- How your firm thinks and how you should think.

- How to win your first 10 clients.


This session is more than just a lecture; it's an interactive workshop designed to equip you with practical tools and strategies to thrive in the business of law. Whether you're looking to climb the ladder at your current firm or forge a new path as a legal entrepreneur, these insights will be invaluable for your journey.


Sapphire Parsons Sapphire Parsons, Senior Associate, Macpherson Kelley

12:05PM - 12:35PM



Keynote: The T-Shaped Legal Leader: how to lead your firm or department in a new direction.


Prepare to have your perspective on leadership, and what it means to be a lawyer, legal department and firm, challenged.

In the future of law, being a stellar legal advisor is just the baseline. The new era calls for lawyers to evolve into strategic Legal Expert Business Generalists, delivering critical business insights that drive client organizations forward. That involves a re-framing of the current approach to change in the corporate legal industry.


This session is set to make you rethink the status quo, urging you to step beyond the conventional confines of legal work and step into the broader, more impactful realm of business work and innovation. In this session, Peter will explain how such a transformation in work informs what new skills and other capabilities are needed by lawyers and how you can lead this transformation whether you are appointed as a leader or not and whether you are a lawyer or not.


Key Takeaways from the session:

- Understand Peter's vision of a T-Shaped Lawyer, Team and Firm.

- Learn what it means to do business work, not just legal work, for the benefit of your clients

- Appreciate that you can't decide what non-legal skills are necessary until you decide what work you plan to do now and in the future

- Discover systematic frameworks for individual professional development and for team transformation


Participants will leave equipped with a clear vision and an insight into comprehensive Frameworks designed to foster a specific combination of skills, competencies, qualities, knowledge, and mindsets needed to navigate and triumph in the rapidly changing legal sector.


This session is a must-attend for those looking to stay ahead of the curve and embrace the new game-changing direction for legal leaders, departments, and firms.


Peter Connor Peter Connor, Founder and CEO, AlternativelyLegal

12:35PM - 1:20PM


1:20PM - 2:05PM



The Neuroscience case for choosing your words carefully

- a presentation about the power of language and style of communication in law


In her groundbreaking presentation, "The Neuroscience Case for Choosing Your Words Carefully," Clarissa Rayward illuminates the profound influence of language and communication style in the practice of law.


She confronts the traditional use of adversarial language that perpetuates power imbalances and advocates for a transformation towards language and communication that persuades and resonates on a human level.


Drawing from neuroscience, Clarissa will encourage you to explore just what professional communication might look like in 2024 and beyond as we reimagine the power of words in shaping a human centric legal system.


(And yes, she might just persuade you to toss Times New Roman for an infographic before you know it!)


Clarissa Rayward Clarissa Rayward, Director, Accredited Family Law Specialist and Mediator at Brisbane Family Law Centre and Happy Lawyer Happy Life

2:05PM - 2:35PM


Keynote: Learning wisdom!


As technology becomes more adept at finding and presenting information the lawyer must hone their human skills, in particular

wisdom or judgement.


Despite the diversity of lawyers’ work, the concept of sound judgement is widely agreed to be a fundamental attribute of ‘good’

lawyering. While knowledge and expertise are necessary, the standout lawyer that clients want to retain is known for their



This session explains what judgement is in the context of legal practice. Although gaining wisdom is typically seen as only being

possible through age and experience, this session provides guidance as to how to acquire good judgement from the start of legal



Prof. Michael Legg Professor Michael Legg, Director, Centre for the Future of the Legal Profession UNSW Law & Justic

2:35PM - 3:10PM



Panel: Cultivating a safe and inclusive team environment


This session is a deep dive into the leadership role in safeguarding mental health and well-being within the team. As leaders, it is crucial to understand the dynamics of psychosocial hazards, champion diversity and inclusion, and take proactive steps to prevent burnout among team members.


We will employ a hands-on approach, with a focus on legislative frameworks, to strengthen the capacity of leaders to navigate legal HR complexities. The goal is to empower leaders with the knowledge and tools necessary to detect, address, and deter instances of workplace bullying and harassment, ensuring a protected team environment.


Key learnings for future leaders:

- Recognize psychosocial hazards: Strategies to identify and manage risk factors for non-compliance in the workplace.

- Prevent workplace bullying and harassment: key responsibilities and intervention techniques.

- Champion diversity and inclusion: Practices to create a secure and accepting team atmosphere.

- Accommodate invisible disabilities: How leaders can recognize and support team members with invisible disabilities.

- Address burnout: Approaches to mental health and well-being that promote self-care and cultivate a supportive work culture.


Elisabeth Flett Elisabeth Flett, General Counsel and Company Secretary, Cancer Council NSW

Mollie Tregillis Mollie Tregillis, Legal Industry Advisor

Sapphire Parsons Sapphire Parsons, Senior Associate, Macpherson Kelley

Darshana Parekh, Senior Legal Counsel & Inclusion Consultant, Canon Oceania

3:10PM - 3:40PM

Afernoon Tea

3:40PM - 4:20PM



Panel: The human stack: top skills and tools you need to excel in the AI era


This session is tailored specifically for young lawyers eager to lead the charge in technology integration within the legal profession.

In this interactive session, our expert panelists, including seasoned legal tech innovators and forward-thinking attorneys, will delve into the essential human skills that, when coupled with cutting-edge tech tools, will set you apart in the legal field.

Discover the key to blending emotional intelligence, ethical judgment, and interpersonal skills with sophisticated AI solutions to enhance your practice, drive efficiency, and deliver exceptional client service.


We'll explore:

- The 'Human Stack': An in-depth look at the critical soft skills that AI cannot replicate and how to cultivate them.

- Practical AI: Everyday applications of AI that can streamline case management, legal research, and administrative tasks without losing the personal touch.

- Tech Toolbox: An overview of the latest legal tech innovations, from predictive analytics to contract automation, and how to implement them effectively.

- Ethical AI: Identifying the pitfalls and ethical considerations of relying on AI, including bias, accountability, and data security.

- Integration Strategies: How to champion a culture of innovation with bottom-up approaches that encourage adoption and adaptability across your firm.

- Navigating Leadership: Strategies for leading teams and driving change in an era where AI and human expertise must coexist harmoniously.


This is not just another legal tech talk. It's a roadmap to thriving in a future where AI is not a mere tool but a fundamental aspect of legal practice. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to be at the forefront of the AI revolution in law.


Vicki McNamara Vicki Mcnamara, Senior Research Associate, Centre for the Future of the Legal Profession, UNSW Law & Justice


 Annabel Biscotto, Immediate Past President, Australian Law Students’ Association

 Stephanie Abbott, Director – Knowledge, Learning & Research (Global), Herbert Smith Freehills


Michelle Boundy, Founder, She Inspires Me

4:20PM - 4:50PM



Keynote: Big leaps forward: A call to action for next gen legal leaders


In the midst of major change and disruption, the legal industry is going to need a special group of leaders to shepherd it into a new era.


This session is a call to action to this next generation and shares a vision for a more human centred legal industry.


Mollie will discuss:

- The major changes on the horizon for the legal industry and the systemic, historical and cultural factors that make this change

feel hard

- The cultural and mindset changes needed in the legal industry to move away from a ‘busy work epidemic’ and create sustainable

ways of working

- The exciting opportunities for future leaders to create major, impactful change for the future


Mollie Tregillis Mollie Tregillis, Legal Industry Advisor

4:50 PM - 5:00 PM

Event Close


Supporting Association

Australian Lawyers Alliance 
The Australian Lawyers Alliance is a not-for-profit membership association dedicated to protecting and promoting justice, freedom and the rights of the individual. We're an active community of nearly 1,500 solicitors, barristers and other legal professionals and we welcome new members. In addition to unlocking your ability to advocate effectively for justice, becoming a member gives you opportunities to network, raise your professional profile, keep up-to-date with legal developments and attend our conferences and seminars at a discounted rate.

Contact us 

If you have any questions about the event or your registration, please contact us at eventsanz@thomsonreuters.com

Sponsors and speakers:
If you are interested in partnering with us or speaking at this event, please contact Katie Ardzejewski at katie.ardzejewski@thomsonreuters.com