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AI, Risks, Ethics: Interview with David Wong and Carter Cousineau

April 2, 2024 / 35:07 / E2

In this episode, David Wong, Chief Product Officer at Thomson Reuters and Carter Cousineau, Vice President, Data & Model Governance joins Tyrilly Csillag to discuss about the transformative impact of artificial intelligence, its ethics, risks, governance and mitigation strategies for the legal sector in Australia and New Zealand.

Tyrilly Csillag | Director of Legal Transformation

David Wong | Chief Product Officer
Carter Cousineau | Vice President, Data & Model Governance

What's on the horizon for Thomson Reuters in 2024 and more

March 1, 2024 / 17:26 / E1

In this first episode, Tyrilly Csillag joined by Jackie Rhodes, Managing Director for Thomson Reuters APAC delved into what is on the horizon for Thomson Reuters in 2024, our approach to genAI with the launch of CoCounsel Core, memorable anecdotes and latest market insights.

Tyrilly Csillag | Director of Legal Transformation

Jackie Rhodes | Managing Director, APAC

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Law firms’ perceptions and priorities driving the future of legal innovation

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Quantifying the benefits of spend management: Generate ROI with Legal Tracker

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The Future is Now: Enabling Legal Innovation with Game-Changing AI

Tyrilly Csillag and Ziggy Cheng took centre stage to give valuable market insights on AI for the legal industry and showcased the game-changing CoCounsel Core to an audience of in-house counsel at the Legal Counsel Summit.

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Legal Tracker
Legal Tracker

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Individually brilliant, powerful together. All-in-one legal solution

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Meet your new legal AI assistant

CoCounsel leverages industry-leading generative AI innovation to offer a task-orientated set of AI skills based on legal workflows. Accelerating and increasing the quality of a broad range of legal tasks with the reliability and security critical for legal matters.