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Thomson Reuters Key Challenges: Answered

Episode 3: Configuring Exception Reports

Imagine your indirect tax team could spend less time consolidating and manipulating data to ensure compliance, and focus more on activities like exception reporting and analytics?

Discover how Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Indirect Tax software can automatically run around 70 different types of exception reports to ensure you’re meeting the current expectations of tax authorities and auditors.

Episode 3: Configuring Exception Reports

Thomson Reuters ONESOURCE Indirect Tax software is designed to address a number of pain points in the market, including the rise of audit and enforcement activity.

Running exception reports allows you to identify and rectify any errors or discrepancies that may exist across your data, before tax authorities initiate an official audit.

While many ERP systems do have in-built reporting capabilities, these are typically at a summary level. ONESOURCE drills deeper and provides around 70 different exception reports, covering issues such as tax rate discrepancies, duplications, general ledger reconciliation, and invoices that don’t match the current return period.

Learn about our exception reporting capabilities and more in Season 2: Episode 3 of our Indirect Tax Video Series, Key Challenges Answered.

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