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Thomson Reuters Key Challenges: Answered

Episode 2: Reviewing Data Discrepancies

Are you confident that your organisation is paying the right amount of tax? Could historic data discrepancies be costing your business, without you even realising it?

Discover how indirect tax automation software can increase accuracy across all your indirect tax processes, and help you review and remedy past errors to improve cash flow.

Episode 2: Reviewing Data Discrepancies

In an indirect tax environment where rules and regulations continue to change, it can be easy to make mistakes that cost your business and put your reputation at risk. You could, for example, apply an outdated or incorrect tax rate that results in an over-payment or under-payment of tax.

As tax authorities around the world step up the number of audits and reviews that they are conducting, indirect tax automation software can help you to streamline your processes and stay up to speed on your tax obligations, so there’s no room for error.

Find out how you can prevent and remedy indirect tax errors in Series 2: Episode 2 of our Indirect Tax Video Series, Key Challenges Answered.

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