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Thomson Reuters Key Challenges: Answered

Episode 1: Post Covid Recovery

As your organisation focuses on building resilience in the wake of the pandemic, is your indirect tax approach as efficient and compliant as you would like it to be?

Find out how you can get indirect tax right every time, and stay up to speed on changing tax rates, rules and logic across your enterprise.

Episode 1: Post Covid Recovery

As businesses begin to focus on their post-pandemic recovery efforts, 70% of organisations have started to invest in technology to streamline their indirect tax processes.

Being able to manage your GST, VAT and other indirect tax processes more efficiently, creates more opportunities for your company to improve cash flow. You can also save time and boost accuracy through automation and access to trusted global tax content.

In Season 2: Episode 1 of our Indirect Tax Video Series, Key Challenges Answered, we explain how your organisation can:

  • Pay the right amount of indirect tax every time
  • Minimise the risk of using the wrong tax codes or calculating the wrong tax amounts
  • Stay up to date on changes to tax rates and tax law, across your operating environment

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