Special Report

Tech & the Law 2022

Exploring the attitudes, perceptions and priorities of Australia's in-house and private practice professionals towards legal technology.

Thomson Reuters is pleased to present the Tech & the Law 2022 report, telling a story of the legal sector’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic through technology.

This year’s edition captures the experiences of 997 of your legal professional peers from both in-house legal departments and private practices in Australia. This rich source of data reveals the new ways in which your firm or department can optimise client service delivery, collaboration and operations. Tech has become the key driver to transform the way you can embrace a new way of working within a pandemic environment, without sacrificing the standard of legal service provided.

The big 2022 reveal: 

  • The impact of the “Great Resignation” and so-called “war for talent” is an area of concern. Half of the private practice professionals surveyed called out talent retention and attraction as their firm’s biggest challenge.   
  • Improving operations remains top priority for legal departments. Corporate counsel revealed their most desired solution to alleviate pressure to keep costs at a minimum and prove their department’s value.
  • 81% of private practice professionals regard more efficient processes as their most valued way of working. With over half - 54% - spending at least 30 minutes a day conducting legal research, we show the opportunities for improved workflows. 
  • More than 80% of corporate counsel are not confident in operational reporting  and over half crave new ways to in-take legal requests. The data helps law firm professionals understand their clients’ pain points and operational challenges.

Download your exclusive copy of the annual Tech & the Law 2022 report today.  

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