Financial & risk solutions

To prosper in the global markets, your organization needs critical news, information and analytics, enabling transactions and connecting communities of trading, investing, financial and corporate professionals.

Find solutions that enable you to generate superior returns, improve risk and compliance management, increase access to liquidity, and create efficient, reliable infrastructures. As markets grow more global, electronic, and multi-asset class markets. through our market-leading Thomson Reuters Eikon™, Thomson Reuters Elektron™, and Thomson Reuters Accelus™. 

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The Financial & Risk business of Thomson Reuters is now Refinitiv

All names and marks owned by Thomson Reuters, including "Thomson", "Reuters" and the Kinesis logo are used under license from Thomson Reuters and its affiliated companies.

Going global: Opportunities and risks when expanding internationally

As you look to expand your organization overseas, you need to know how to capitalize on the opportunities that are out there, but at the same time you need to be aware of the risks.

You need access to the right information at the right time, so you can make informed decisions and drive the success of your organization.

The Thomson Reuters Going Global survey asked 250 senior executives from many industries whether they felt ready, willing, and able to expand overseas. 

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Market data: Reliable, independent, accurate

Whether it’s equity, commodities, fixed income, foreign exchange or money market information you’re after, the story of our market data is always the same: reliable, impartial, and consistent.

With hundreds of sources and expert partners across the globe, our data feeds your solutions. The flexibility and breadth of our coverage fits virtually any enterprise or application data requirement, giving you the content you need. 

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Eikon: Research and analytics

A powerful combination of content, analytics and tools for better investment recommendations.

Thomson Reuters Eikon provides rich and relevant news, charts, and analytics through one easy-to-navigate and accessible source. Eikon includes access to company fundamentals, I/B/E/S estimates, company events and guidance. It also includes Datastream, so you can build charts from millions of macroeconomic indicators and global financial instruments. An add-in for Microsoft Office makes it easy to build and update your spreadsheets.

Our StarMine™ Analytics is integrated into the Eikon desktop, giving you financial models that can’t be found anywhere else.

StarMine Monitor product enables you to objectively measure the performance of your equities research team and the accuracy of earnings estimates. 

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Powerful trading and investing tools

Better content, presented in a way that's easy to grasp, act on – and profit from.

Powered by the world’s leading content sets, with names you know and trust: DataStream, I/B/E/S, StarMine, Worldscope™, StreetEvents™, First Call™ and Reuters News™. It adds up to trading and investing platforms that ensure you uncover insights and opportunities faster.

Tap into crucial information quickly and easily, from company fundamentals, estimates, filings, price data, indices data and events, to ownership and profiles data, officers and directors, and environmental, social and governance, through to macroeconomic data.

Examine the relationships between assets and relative performance with charting applications. Plus, smooth integration with Microsoft Office makes it easy to download data and really put the information you find to work. 

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Insight from the world’s largest independent international provider

With more than 2,600 journalists in nearly 200 locations around the world, Reuters provides society with the news it needs to be free, prosperous, and informed.

Known for speed, accuracy, and fairness, Reuters delivers over 2 million unique news stories and 830,000 alerts every year.

Having Reuters financial news feed at your fingertips, in real time via mobile or desktop, means you can be the first to know – and act on – key economic news, political events and even weather developments that drive prices and markets across the globe. 

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