Uniform Evidence Law: Commentary and Materials 4th

Uniform Evidence Law: Commentary and Materials 4th

By Miiko Kumar, Stephen Odgers SC, Elisabeth Peden


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Date: 12/07/2012

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Uniform Evidence Law: Commentary and Materials, 4th edition has been updated throughout to provide essential case and legislative extracts and thoughtful, concise commentary covering the uniform evidence legislation in the UEL jurisdictions of the Commonwealth, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania.

This latest edition includes discussion of the following significant developments:

  • Interpretations of discretionary exclusion (La Trobe Capital & Mortgage Corporation Ltd v Hay Property Consultants Pty Ltd [2011] FCAFC 4 and Director of Public Prosecutions v Marijancevic [2011] VSCA 355);
  • Hearsay exceptions: interpretation of the freshness exception (R v XY [2010] NSWCCA 181);
  • Important High Court decisions on opinion evidence (Lithgow City Council v Jackson [2011] HCA 36 and Dasreef Pty Ltd v Hawchar [2011] HCA 21) and New South Wales developments that will provide interest in teaching (Wood v R [2012] NSWCCA 21);
  • Significant decisions on tendency and coincidence (SJ v R; NS v R [2012] NSWCCA 9);
  • Privilege (journalist privilege, self-incrimination and public interest immunity); and
  • Recent statements by the High Court on burden and standard of proof (Strong v Woolworths Ltd [2012] HCA 5).

Table of Contents

Part I Introduction
• Ch 1 Introduction
Part II Adducing Evidence
• Ch 2 Witnesses
• Ch 3 Documents
• Ch 4 Real Evidence
Part III Admissibility of Evidence
• Ch 5 Relevance
• Ch 6 Discretions to Exclude or Limit Use of Evidence
• Ch 7 Hearsay
• Ch 8 Opinion
• Ch 9 Admissions
• Ch 10 Tendency and Coincidence
• Ch 11 Credibility
• Ch 12 Character
• Ch 13 Identification Evidence
• Ch 14 Privilege
Part IV Proof
• Ch 15 Burden and Standard of Proof
• Ch 16 Judicial Notice
• Ch 17 Facilitation of Proof
• Ch 18 Corroboration and Warnings
• Ch 19 Prima Facie Case
Part V Case Files and Answers to Problems
• Ch 20 Case Files
• Ch 21 Answers to Questions
Appendix – Relevant legislation

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