Tritton on Intellectual Property in Europe 4th Edition

Tritton on Intellectual Property in Europe 4th Edition

By Guy Tritton


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"Should be on the bookshelf of every practitioner dealing with intellectual property rights" – European Intellectual Property Review
"An impressive work, well-written, thorough, analytical, critical and encompassing." – Trade Mark Reporter
Tritton thoroughly examines the wide range of laws regulating intellectual property in Europe. It has become recognised as the leading guide on the subject, dealing with both Community law and the international conventions affecting protection of IP rights.
It provides coverage of all intellectual property rights in one source (patents, copyright, designs, trade marks and plant varieties), considering the practical dimensions of each one as well as the substantive law. Tritton:
  • Discusses each subject area in general European terms and then highlights individual national differences
  • Explains the implementation and licensing of intellectual property
  • Looks at intellectual property for joint ventures and franchising
  • Examines intellectual property and competition law, showing how the two areas overlap
  • Provides expert commentary on legislation, regulations and cases
  • Incorporates all recent developments including the 2010 Vertical Agreements Block Exemption and the new R&D & Specialisation Block Exemptions, provides a full update on all relevant ECJ and GC cases in the field, and assesses the Commission’s proposed intellectual property reforms. 
Jurisdiction: EU

Table of Contents

  • Intellectual Property in Europe
  • Patents in Europe
  • Trade Marks in Europe
  • Copyright in Europe
  • Design Protection in Europe
  • Plant Variety Rights in Europe
  • Intellectual Property and Free Movement of Goods
  • Intellectual Property and Article 81
  • Intellectual Property and Joint Ventures
  • Article 81, Distribution and Franchising Agreements
  • Abuse of a Dominant Position
  • Proceedings involving Intellectual Property Rights and Competition Law
  • Jurisdiction and Intellectual Property
  • Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights and Border Controls.

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