Torts - The Laws of Australia 2nd Edition (Softcover)

Torts - The Laws of Australia 2nd Edition (Softcover)

By Paul Vout


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Date: 26/10/2007

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Torts – The Laws of Australia, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive work providing thorough analysis of the principles of tort law, grouped into the following topics:

• Tort and contract
• Negligence
• Occupiers’ liability
• Product liability
• Breach of statutory duty
• Strict liability
• Nuisance
• Trespass and intentional torts
• Defences
• Damages
• Concurrent torts

This portable text provides definitive statements of legal principle and features the breadth of coverage and depth of analysis synonymous with The Laws of Australia series.

The second edition explores the impact of tort law reform, with clear and concise commentary on the progression of tort law since the enactment of the Civil Liability Acts. The last five years have seen numerous statutory amendments and further development of common law tort principles through cases such as Leichhardt Municipal Council v Montgomery (2007) 81 ALJR 686, Vairy v Wyong Shire Council (2005) 223 CLR 422 and Ruddock v Taylor (2005) 222 CLR 612. The second edition also includes an expanded discussion of medical negligence, with analysis of High Court decisions including Harriton v Stephens (2006) 222 CLR 52.

Under the editorial guidance of Dr Paul Vout, Barrister and Lecturer at the University of Melbourne, expert authorship by legal practitioners ensures that Torts – The Laws of Australia, 2nd Edition delivers a practical approach to this dynamic area of the law. The user-friendly format is designed to save time, making this unique work an essential reference for the busy practitioner, researcher and student alike.

This material is also reproduced in Title 33 “Torts” of The Laws of Australia legal encyclopaedia.

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