Thomson Reuters Tax Examples - subscription

Thomson Reuters Tax Examples - subscription

By Peter Koit


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Date: 25/07/2012

Code: 30132617

Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA

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Format Title Date Code Price
Book Thomson Reuters Tax Examples 2013 21/07/2013 9780455232256 $145.00
Book Thomson Reuters Tax Examples - subscription 25/07/2012 30132617 $145.00
Online Thomson Reuters Tax Examples (Checkpoint) 01/05/2013 41412994 $296.47
Online Thomson Reuters Tax Examples (WestlawAU) 41167560 $326.45


Available in both book and online, Thomson Reuters Tax Examples 2012 contains over 200 worked examples on areas of tax law that are relevant to everyday practice, especially at tax return time.

Each example includes a summary of the key principles and references to legislation, and where relevant, cases and Tax Office rulings. Every example references to the relevant paragraph in the Australian Tax Handbook 2012 for further background reading, making it an ideal companion product.


• Helps you to understand how the law applies to common issues in a simple, succinct, and easy to follow way.
• Enhances your understanding of the operation of tax law, providing greater clarity on actual scenarios confronted in practice.
• Enables fast, easy reference to further explanation of developments in the Australian Tax Handbook, making it easy to use both volumes together.
• Allows you to quickly identify whether the example is relevant to your issue and understand its context.
• Speeds completion of tax returns by enabling you to go straight to information that you require for a particular tax return item, and helps you understand the relevant tax treatment.
• Provides a bridge to understanding new developments quickly, saving you time and resources.


Australian Tax Handbook Tax Return Edition & Thomson Tax Examples


• Thoroughly worked, practical and easy to apply examples clearly illustrating the tax principles most commonly confronted by tax practitioners.
• Examples have been specially selected for their relevance to every-day practice and to illustrate tax concepts from Australian Tax Handbook Tax Return Edition 2012.
• Examples are topically organised following the structure of Australian Tax Handbook Tax Return Edition 2012, with cross-references to relevant Australian Tax Handbook paragraphs.
• Each example starts with the broad tax law principle, and is cross-referenced to legislation, cases & ATO rulings, where relevant.
• Includes a Tax Return Help Guide linking each item on all tax return forms lodged with the ATO to coverage of the corresponding area in the Australian Tax Handbook.
• Online format is key word searchable and contains direct linking to relevant sections in the Australian Tax Handbook, cases, legislation and ATO rulings on the Thomson Reuters Tax & Accounting online platform.

Price is for a single subscription to Thomson Reuters Tax Examples, excluding subsequent updates.  Updates to this product will be automatically issued and invoiced separately.  The product is updated annually in July.  Subscribers must provide the publisher with written notice of cancellation within 30 days of the date of their subscription invoice, otherwise the subscriber will be liable for the invoiced amount. 

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