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Why do grapes matter? To produce good wine, of course

You don’t want your team to have a bad taste in their mouth because they’ve discovered data inaccuracies. You need confidence that you have quality data for compliance—just like gathering quality grapes to ultimately produce good wine. That’s why ONESOURCE provides a comprehensive offering to cover all of your direct tax needs — accounting for you every step of the way.

Transfer pricing – what’s new and how to approach it

Transfer pricing has undergone significant change in Australia since July 2013. Tax returns for 2015 must now recognise these changes, and actions are required to be in place and finalised before the 2015 tax return is lodged, to gain reduced-penalty protection on transfer pricing disclosure and treatment. Find out what needs to be done. Register at

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XYZ Model Financial Accounts December Reporting and Update

The December 2015 edition of the industry leading XYZ Model Financial Accounts has been designed to assist preparers through the December 2015 reporting period, as well as prepare them for 2016 and beyond. It includes detailed commentary and updated model financial templates to reflect new and revised Accounting Standard and Interpretation requirements that apply.

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Presenter Profile: Chris Bowman

Chris Bowman is Lead Director and Transfer Pricing Consultant at ConsultTPAustralia. He has advised multinational groups and the ATO on transfer pricing issues since the mid 1990s, as a partner in two second tier CA firms in Australia, as an Executive Officer and Competent Authority in the ATO, and in his present role as an independent advisor to companies and tax authorities. Chris will draw on his deep knowledge and experience to present the Transfer Pricing webinar (11 November) and workshops (Sydney 1 December, Melbourne 3 December).