Remedies: Commentary & Materials 5th Edition

Remedies: Commentary & Materials 5th Edition

By Michael Tilbury, Michael Gillooly, Elise Bant, Normann Witzleb


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Date: 23/12/2010

Code: 9780455227405

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Remedies: Commentary and Materials, 5th Edition provides a comprehensive treatment of both judicial and non-judicial remedies at common law and in equity. Updated to reflect major developments since the previous edition, this edition provides extensive coverage of compensatory and other remedies. It considers these alongside an examination of the law relating to remedies for breach of contract, tortious wrongs and breach of equitable obligation.

Remedies: Commentary and Materials, 5th Edition has a new team of authors, who have critically reviewed and restructured the text significantly. Changes of note include:

  • chapters on damages have been updated to reflect the restrictions brought about by Civil Liability Acts,
  • the chapter on restitution has been expanded and more content on disgorgement included,
  • proprietary relief has been placed into a separate chapter, and
  • a new chapter dealing with declaratory relief has been added.

Academics, law students and legal practitioners will all find Remedies: Commentary and Materials, 5th Edition a valuable addition to their reference collections.

Table of Contents

1. The Nature of Remedies
2. Self-Help
3. General Principles of Compensation
4. Compensation in Particular Contexts
5. Compensation in Equity
6. Restitution and Disgorgement
7. Proprietary Relief
8. Punishment
9. General Principles of Specific Relief
10. Injunctions in Particular Situations
11. Declaratory Relief (NEW)
12. Enforcement of Remedies

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