Motor Vehicle Law NSW 3 Volumes

Motor Vehicle Law NSW 3 Volumes

By Malcolm Britts, Nic Angelov, Andrew Stone


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Date: 11/09/2012

Code: 30121670

Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA

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Motor Vehicle Law NSW 3 Volumes


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eSub - ProView Motor Vehicle Law NSW - eSubscription 04/07/2014 41307279 N/A Enquiry
Looseleaf Motor Vehicle Law NSW Volumes 1 & 3 11/09/2012 30134129 N/A Enquiry
Looseleaf Motor Vehicle Law NSW 3 Volumes 11/09/2012 30121670 N/A Enquiry
Online Motor Vehicle Law NSW Online 06/12/2006 41167358 N/A Enquiry


This subscription service provides a complete guide to the principles relevant to civil and criminal proceedings arising out of the use of motor vehicles in New South Wales.
A practical reference tool, the service gives you coverage of all relevant civil and criminal legislation such as the Australian Road Rules with detailed diagrams and illustrations, and associated legislation on road transport.
Public and private hire transport legislation administered by state government departments and local councils are included together with all relevant information in making a claim under the Motor Accidents Act 1988, Motor Accidents Compensations Act 1999 and Motor Accidents (Lifetime Care and Support) Act 2006 and associated regulations.  Special features of the service include actuarial and economic loss tables, and a procedural guide to the Motor Accidents Act 1988.

Subscription price includes 12 months of updating releases. Further updates invoiced separately.

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