Foreign Investment in Australia Online

Foreign Investment in Australia Online

By Alan Millhouse, Bryan Horrigan, Bill Duncan


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Date: 07/10/2009

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Lawbook Co., AUSTRALIA

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Foreign Investment in Australia Online


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This service which provides detailed analysis of the legal regulation of foreign investment in Australia is a reference and practice guide for lawyers, accountants, financiers, foreign investors and others studying or working in this area. It includes: basic regulatory scheme at Commonwealth and State levels; transaction analysis of different foreign investment proposals; alternative vehicles for foreign investment and government dealings with foreign investors; exchange control and preliminary review considerations for foreign investors; policy guidelines, forms and legislation required by potential investors and their advisers.

Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975
Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Regulations 1989
Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers (Notices) Regulations
Financial Transaction Reports Act 1988
Banking Act 1959 (extracts)
Banking (Foreign Exchange) Regulations and Reserve Bank Exemptions, General Authorities and Statements
Native Title Act 1993
Native Title Amendment Act (Extract) Schedule 5 -Application and Transitional
Foreign Ownership of Land Register Act 1988 (Qld)
Foreign Ownership of Land Register Regulation 2003 (Qld)

The New Developments section assists subscribers in keeping abreast of legislative change.
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