Federal Circuit Court Guidebook

Federal Circuit Court Guidebook

By Judge Antoni Lucev, Jillian Francis


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Date: 12/09/2012

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Federal Circuit Court Guidebook

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The Federal Circuit Court Guidebook (fornerly Federal Magistrates Court Guidebook) is a regularly updated practice guide for practitioners who appear in the Federal Circuit Court . The Guidebook  keeps pace with the wide-ranging jurisdiction of the Court through a program of regular updating. It contains practical annotation commentary to the various jurisdictions of the Court and annotations to the Federal Magistrates Court Act and Rules, as well as a variety of tools assisting effective practice in the Court, such as relevant cases and recent developments.

Legislation in the online service is updated as soon as possible after legislative amendments commence, providing subscribers with regularly updated legislation. The legislation currency information and status flag, above the full-text, is updated daily so that subscribers are aware of all incorporated, pending and future amendments.

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