Death &Taxes: Tax-Effective Estate Planning 5e

Death &Taxes: Tax-Effective Estate Planning 5e

By Miranda Stewart, Michael Flynn


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Date: 26/03/2012

Code: 9780864607249

Thomson Reuters, AUSTRALIA

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Online Death and Taxes: Tax-effective Estate Planning - Checkpoint 01/05/2013 41412896 $255.07
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Death & Taxes: Tax Effective Estate Planning will help you to plan and prepare better outcomes for your clients through an enhanced understanding of the impact of tax laws on all assets controlled by an individual at death. This consolidated guide to managing the affairs of the deceased will give you the confidence to advise on estate planning and the tax consequences of death.

The new edition will:

  • address the recent reforms in the taxation of trusts, as they relate to deceased estates and testamentary trusts.
  • highlight developments in estate planning, especially regarding business succession and superannuation income streams, including the controversial new administrative approaches being adopted by the Australian Taxation Office.
  • include a new chapter on philanthropy and private and public ancillary funds, in light of the growing importance of charitable giving in estate planning.
  • discuss the withdrawal of Tax Office guidance to executors about their potential liabilities for the deceased’s tax obligations.


  • Examines the impact of taxation upon death with coverage of income tax, CGT, GST, various State and Territory duties & land tax
  • Provides guidance on tax law applicable to the deceased, the estate, testamentary trusts & beneficiaries
  • Guidance on tax planning strategies to take full advantage of tax law provisions, tax exemptions and tax concessions
  • Extensive use of examples to demonstrate how the law is put into practice

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